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Distinctive ring

When you upgrade your system from a software < 2.26 to software 2.26 or higher, the new feature distinctive ring will be enabled. Your existing DECT handsets will have the old menu structure where only Internal and external ringtones can be selected. To get the new DECT handset menu structure you need Re-Register the DECT handsets, there is no need to DE-register the handset first. How this must be done you can read on the distinctive ring page.

Or you can disable the new distinctive ring functionality.

What is new?


  • Supported web-interface languages: English / German / French / Spanish / Dutch / Italian / Portuguese / Turkish / Russian / Czech / Polish / Slovenian / Greek
  • N870 all-in-one with no extra DECT base can now handle 8 parallel calls instead of 5
  • Improve SIP via TCP socket handling
  • RTP-port range per DECT base changed from 400 → 240
  • RTP-port range for 60 DECT base stations changed from 24000 → 14400
  • Auto-provisioning:
    • Add provisioning parameter: Maximum search results central phone-book
    • No Error is displayed in web-interface when firmware update is empty or not needed
    • Outbound proxy with leading space not resolved by DNS
    • Improved performance adding handsets and SIP accounts
  • Zombie handsets: show now more customer friendly message: "Please register!" 
  • No missed calls when call waiting is disabled
  • xHTML white-space trailing before "&" sign
  • Turkish characters not displayed correct at some DECT handsets
  • Cyrillic characters not displayed during Pickup notification
  • Access Code not applied in case of option - From network directory
  • Room monitor call not possible
  • Translation improvements
  • E.164 support
  • Failed registration retry timer is not respected when SIP proxy is set
  • Distinctive ring:
    • Empty header is supported
    • Re-register handsets to display all ringtones
  • Delete/change important settings, protected via username and password.
    • Delete one or more DECT handsets.
    • Admin password
    • User password
    • CLI password
    • Web security certificate
    • Reset device/role change

Known Issues

  • ...

For testing upgrade, a fake software image can be downloaded here.

N870/N670 software (V2.29.1 build be6014d)

Firmware update fails

If the firmware update fails, it can be caused by that you are using a very old firmware. Just start the firmware update a second time.

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