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Release Date:

  • July 2020 (This is an update for 2.33.0 with one additional fix for call-transfer behind Asterisk systems. A recall happens after transfer)

Distinctive ring

When you upgrade your system from a software < 2.26 to software 2.26 or higher, the new feature distinctive ring will be enabled. Your existing DECT handsets will have the old menu structure where only Internal and external ringtones can be selected. To get the new DECT handset menu structure you need Re-Register the DECT handsets, there is no need to DE-register the handset first. How this must be done you can read on the distinctive ring page.

Or you can disable the new distinctive ring functionality.

What is new?


  • WebUI becomes inaccessible (No connections..., please wait...) when enabling TLS
  • T1 timer minimum value increased to 100 ms
  • Provisioning
  • Client certificate not added in case of 2-way SSL. 
  • XML online directory - Results not visualized in case of more than 99 entries
  • N670/N870 Central Phone-book: Not able to search for special characters
  • xHTML
    • use xHTML phone-book for call transfer
    • Password is limited to 9 characters
  • Device does not send DHCP release when rebooting, can be enabled by CLI or variant.
  • Central phone-book
    • Delete via web-interface is now possible.
    • When first line is empty, phone-book does not work
  • One user-agent behind integrator
  • Web-interface:
  • SIP control terminated fixed
  • NOTIFY with a tag in header "To" causes "500 Unhandled by dialog usages"
  • When '#' is added to numbers it is displayed on HS as '%23'

Known Issues

  • ...

For testing upgrade, a fake software image can be downloaded here.

N870/N670 software (V2.33.1 build 0cb05c5)

Firmware update fails

If the firmware update fails, it can be caused by that you are using a very old firmware. Just start the firmware update a second time.

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