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Download the License file

The download of the license request file to order a License is not needed anymore. You can copy the MAC-ID from the STATUS page (12 digits MAC address + 4 digits) and add this to the purchase order.

To request a new License, you first need to download the request file from the device. 

The request file contains basic information about the system like:

  • Hardware information (MAC address of Master DECT manager)
  • Software version
  • Number of connected DECT managers / Base stations / handsets
  • Enabled licenses
  • Country selection
  • Data and time
  • Provider / profile name

The file content is encrypted.

In the Integrator web-interface go to SETTINGS - System - Licensing - Create Request File

The License request file is downloaded.

(Screenshot is from an N870 switched to Integrator only mode)

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