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From software 2.36 we offer the possibility to see detailed information (over time) about the LAN synchronisation.

These statistics are offered by the DECT base-station.

LAN synchronisation must be enabled for this base to see the correct information.

How to access the DLS statistics

In the N870 web-interface go to: SETTINGS - Base stations - Synchronisation and click on the Base station name

It will open the base station web-interface, login using

  • Username: Admin
  • Password: N870 admin password

You will see the following information.

  • DECT LAN Sync (DLS) long term statistics 
  • DECT LAN Sync (DLS) statistics overview table
  • DECT LAN Sync (DLS) log
  • Additional system info's
    • IfLoad-Statistics
    • If stats
    • Top (Processor load)
    • Top (Memory)
    • Open files
    • Disk info
DECT LAN Sync (DLS) long term statistics

 This table shows you the: 

  • ptp-d: ptp clock delay. ptp clock offset to master clock. This value should not exceed 500ns for a longer time
  • dls-d: Measured offset of the local DECT-SYPO signal to the master DECT-SYPO signal. This is the DECT-SYNC criteria and should not exceed 1000ns for a longer time
  • ptp-pd: ptp path delay. This is an indication of the transmission path quality. The account of switches and their processing speed and queue delay's influence this value. Jitter should be as less as possible.

DECT LAN Sync (DLS) statistics overview table

The latest LAN sync output for more detailed information see this wiki page.

DECT LAN Sync (DLS) statistics overview table

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