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This release is for the N670 and enables the new Mini-multicell feature.

In February, this release will be replaced with the N870/N670 software version 2.39.0 

Release Date:

  • January 2021 

What is new?


  • uaCSTA improvements
  • Tone scheme "Greece" can be selected
  • Delete handset does not work when capital letters are used for IPUI
  • Use xHTML phonebook for call transfer > works not with the prov xHTML phonebook Key
  • Blind-transfer can be disabled


  • Change system from Small to Medium then error message is shown.
  • Firmware update via 2-way SSL fails
  • Wrong MWI indication caused by platform NOTIFY broadcasts
  • CNIP with special characters doesn't display correctly
  • Outgoing call with letters in SIP from user part is not stored
  • CNIP is not displayed on HS if it contains "@" character
  • XSI phonebook list 211 "Too many entries found" but works
  • Empty header for entry view in Personal and Group Common directories
  • Incoming call with letters in SIP From user part is not stored with URI to call back

Known Issues (Will be solved in the 2.39 release)

  • If SRTP is used, after 15 days no audio during handover could be reported 

  • Broadsoft XSI phonebook lookup provides issue if server answer is delayed or not received
  • Synchronization problems when switching between LAN and DECT sync and back
  • Provisioning account lost after reboot

For testing upgrade, a fake software image can be downloaded here.

N670 software (V2.38.0 711c63f)

Firmware update fails

If the firmware update fails, it can be caused by that you are using a very old firmware. Just start the firmware update a second time.

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