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Valid for: N670N870

From software 2.38 it is possible to change the N870 network settings via auto-provisioning when the device has the role:

  • Integrator
  • Integrator + DM
  • Integrator + DM + Base

Auto-provisioning example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<settings version="1.0" productID="e2">

<oper name="set_uci">

<!-- preferred and alternative DNS -->
<param name="network.lan.dns" value=";" />

<!-- Possible values are dhcp or static -->
<param name="network.lan.proto" value="static" />

<param name="network.lan.ipaddr" value="" />
<param name="network.lan.netmask" value="" />
<param name="network.lan.gateway" value="" />

<!-- Possible values are: vlan = vlan is enabled or eth0 = vlan is disabled -->
<param name="network.lan.ifname" value="vlan" />
<param name="network.vlan.vid" value="6" />
<param name="network.vlan.prio" value="6" />



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