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PrioTypeInterrupt active
VoIP Call
IDLE screenInterrupt
local menu
online menu
Increase MWI
message counter
1Call based

Prio 1/3/6 are call based messages. When using call based messages, you have to look at the maximum parallel call system capacity. For example and N870 can handle up to 60 parallel calls, this means that when no handset is in a call, up to 60 messages can be send. If handsets are in a call, these have to be counted in the maximum signaling of messages.  By using an Integrator it is easy to increase the number of parallel calls.

Prio 2/4/5/7 are not defined and could be used in the future if more prio levels are needed.

2 / 3 / 4 = 3Call based-
5 / 6 / 7 = 6Call based--
8IDLE display-"toc","toc"--Prio 8 messages are shown when the handset is in IDLE and does not occupy an DECT channel during signaling but briefly occupies an DECT channel during start of signaling.
9Broadcast-"toc","toc"---Prio 9 messages, you need to open the message list to read the message. Occupies briefly an DECT channel during start of signaling

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