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The "paragraph" contains the main content of the message:

  • Send by the message server via the MQTT interface (Example: {"paragraph":{"text":"Prio 1 message 1 low: some longer test to check how long the message can be","blink":"no","underline":"yes","bold":"yes","align":"left"}},)
  • Up to 2 paragraphs per message
  • 3 Lines of text shown on the display with center key down to show more lines
  • Up to 17 characters per line (Depends on the handset)
  • blinking
  • underline
  • bold
  • align
  • From software 2.44.0 or higher line break using \n is supported

The way how to paragraph can be displayed, depends also on the message priority.

Message Call (prio 1-7)Info Display (prio 8)Message list (prio 9)
line of textmultiplemax 3 line of textmultiple
paragraph21 *2
decoration (blink/underline/bold/align)yesnoYes
alignmentdepends of decoration (default left)centerdepends of decoration (default left)

* In detailed view, the 2e paragraph is shown

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