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Release Date:

  • March 2021 

N670 Mini-multicell

This software replaces the N670 V2.38.0. 

The software V2.38.0 was only for the N670 to release the mini-multicell.

V2.39.0 is for N870 and N670. It releases for N670, the mini-multicell like the V.2.38.0 and is also for the N870 with the improvements below.

What is new?


  • uaCSTA improvements
  • Tone scheme "Greece" can be selected
  • Delete handset does not work when capital letters are used for IPUI
  • Use xHTML phonebook for call transfer > works not with the prov xHTML phonebook Key
  • Blind-transfer can be disabled
  • Firmware download via low bandwidth networks


  • Change system from Small to Medium then error message is shown.
  • Firmware update via 2-way SSL fails
  • Wrong MWI indication caused by platform NOTIFY broadcasts
  • CNIP with special characters doesn't display correctly
  • Outgoing call with letters in SIP from user part is not stored
  • CNIP is not displayed on HS if it contains "@" character
  • XSI phonebook list 211 "Too many entries found" but works
  • Empty header for entry view in Personal and Group Common directories
  • Incoming call with letters in SIP From user part is not stored with URI to call back
  • When SRTP used, after 90 days no audio
  • XSI phonebook, can not answer call due to bad/slow network connection

Known Issues

  • ...

For testing upgrade, a fake software image can be downloaded here.

Software (V2.39.0 1ffa429)

Virtual Integrator V2.39

Download zip file

Download ova file

Download update

"For Google Chrome users,
if download does not work,
right mouse click "Save link as"
to download firmware"

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