Display description of messages when shown as full screen message.

1 Message title
The title of the message

2 Message icon
Icon to display the message type, supported icons depends on the handset that is used

3 Paragraph
Contains the main content of the message (text only), multiple lines/paragraphs are supported
4 Reply options
By the message server defined Softkeys, when pressed will send an feedback to the messaging server
Message list

Display information when opening the message list.

1 Message list headline
Fixed text when opening the message list, newest message is on top

2 Message title
The title of the message. Start icon can be used, depends on the handset

3 Message list body starter
Message body starter text send by the message server to describe the message using limited number of characters
4 Date/time
The date/time stamp when the message is received

5 Status information
Status information of the message, set by the message server to indicate if messages are accepted/open/to do/...
Icon can be used, depends on the handset

6 Softkeys
Softkeys to view or remove messages

7 Message list icon
Icon to indicate the message type

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