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When using prio 1-7, the message signaling is call based and a ringtone can be used to signal the message.

The messaging server can define which ringtone should be played. The server can use the following 4 ringtone options.

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Silent

Which ringtone is used, can be changed via the handset menu by the user. 

  1. Open handset menu: Settings - Audio settings - Ringtones (Handset) - Melodies
Ringtones in existing handsets

New generation handset ringtones
R650H PRO VS650H PROSL750H PRO VOpenstage M3S700H PRO / R700H PRO / SL800HPRO V
(External calls)
01 Signal01 Signal01
01 Signal 
(Group calls)
02 Memo02 Memo02
02 Memo 
(Internal/door station)
03 Down
(Internal calls)
03 Down

03 Down
(Internal calls)
04 Vibe04 Vibe04
04 Vibe 
Dig it
05 Egg05 Egg05
05 Egg 
Gigaset06 Gigaset06 GigasetAnd tender06 Gigaset 
(External calls)
Dunken07 Super 407 Super 4Balance07 Super 4 
Exit08 Set08 SetBass me08 Set 
Fox09 Tone One
(External calls)
(Msg prio high)

09 Tone One
(External calls)
(Msg prio high)

Body snatch09 Tone One
(Group calls)
Gentle Piano
(Msg prio low)
10 Step to B
(Group calls)
10 Step to B
(Group calls)
Classic Ring10 Step to B 

(Msg prio medium)

11 Sim11 SimCrunch11 Sim 
(Msg prio high)
12 P_Cut12 P_CutEnergy12 P_Cut
Skyways13 Dunken
(Door station)
13 T_CupFountain13 T_Cup 
Waves14 Piano

14 Piano
(Internal calls / Emergency)

Guitar14 Piano

15 T_Cup15 Dunken
(Door station)
Harmony15 Dunken

16 Evolve16 EvolveIn the field

16 Evolve

17 Authumn
17 Authumn
Lounge Time17 Authumn

18 Twelve18 TwelveNo Sieben18 Twelve 

19 Smile19 SmilePrecious19 Smile 
(Door station)

20 Flightzone20 FlightzoneRain drops20 Flightzone 

21 Waste
(Msg prio low)
21 Waste
(Msg prio low)
Slippin21 Waste 

22 Green Tea
(Msg prio medium)
22 Green Tea
(Msg prio medium)
Smooth22 Green Tea 


23 Try Better


24 Carousel

The Calling

25 Classic Ring

Tone one

26 Fountain

Try better27 Alarm 01
(Msg prio high)

28 Alarm 02

29 Alarm 03

30 Alarm 04

31 Alarm 05

32 Alarm 06

33 Doorbell

34 DR1 (Bellcore-dr1)

35 DR2 (Bellcore-dr2)
(Msg prio low)

36 DR3 (Bellcore-dr3)
(Msg prio medium)

37 DR4 (Bellcore-dr4)

38 DR5 (Bellcore-dr5)


The messaging ringtone names visible in the handset melodies menu, can be changed via auto-provisioning.

AmlGlobal.0.HottestAlertNameLowName visible in the handset melodies menu for the Low priority ringtone
AmlGlobal.0.HottestAlertNameMidName visible in the handset melodies menu for the Medium priority ringtone
AmlGlobal.0.HottestAlertNameHighName visible in the handset melodies menu for the High priority ringtone


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<settings version="1.0" productID="e2">

<param name="AmlGlobal.0.HottestAlertNameHigh" value="High prio"/>
<param name="AmlGlobal.0.HottestAlertNameMid" value="Medium prio"/>
<param name="AmlGlobal.0.HottestAlertNameLow" value="Low prio "/>


Open improvement

System needs to be rebooted to see the new names, CR is created.  EIN2-10176 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MQTT values

The following MQTT values are supported:

  • "alert_info":"msg_melody_high",
  • "alert_info":"msg_melody_mid",
  • "alert_info":"msg_melody_low",
  • "alert_info":"msg_melody_silent",
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