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Release Date:

  • June 2022

What is new?



  • N870 loses the SIP registration until the next restart
  • Some mobile devices are no longer registered after a network down
  • Registration after receive 503 with Retry-After
  • N870 with V2.44 - VI licenses no longer work
  • Minor memory leak when performing LDAP tests
  • Failed registration retry timer not respected due to SIP registration monitoring
  • MWI after "Call completed elsewhere"
  • Phonebook Italian translation for "Refine"
  • DTMF not work if 103 telephone-event/48000 is send in "INVITE"
  • N670 restart sporadically.
  • Trying and Ringing send with codec mismatch
  • License:
    • Invalid license status: Activation Period -1 d for some variants
  • Messaging:
    • Second paragraph in message is not displayed in detailed view
    • Title not displaying in detailed view
  • LDAP
    • Incorrect search request and sporadic giga-ip-bs crash during specific LDAP search
    • Heal TLS LDAP session pending too long

Known Issues

  • Update to this version can create a licensing error (with failover period) for DM licensing. (Please use software 2.48.0)
  • Collision of DM roam-out vs message-call could create a phantom message for any other handset later roaming in into this DM's handset slot. (Please use software 2.48.0)

For testing upgrade, a fake software image can be downloaded here.

Software (V2.47.0 build 8f78964 )

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