From software 2.47 the Nx70 can inform the Alarm server when the following happens:

  1. Broken connection between the DECT base-station and the DECT manager
  2. DECT base station out of sync
  3. Broken connection between DECT manager and Integrator
  • Defined time after which messages are sent to the Alarm server, can be changed via provisioning. Default value: 9 minutes, range: 60s-3600s
  • Value 0 means that no messages are sent.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="e2">
      <!-- 60 seconds -->
      <param name="AmlGlobal.0.DropoutNotificationTimeout" value="60"/>

What kind of notification to expect:

For performance reasons, notification are collected together to single mqtt message payload

dect managers notification

xxl/as-agent/system/as-agent/noti/dmStatus {"payload":[{"id":"dm1","status":"up"}, {"id":"dm2","status":"up"}]}
xxl/as-agent/system/as-agent/noti/dmStatus {"payload":[{"id":"dm1","status":"down"}, {"id":"dm2","status":"down"}]}

base stations notification

xxl/as-agent/system/as-agent/noti/bsStatus {"payload":[{"id":"7c2f80e0d690","status":"up"},{"id":"7c2f801a000b","status":"up"}]}
xxl/as-agent/system/as-agent/noti/bsStatus {"payload":[{"id":"7c2f80e0d690","status":"down"},{"id":"7c2f801a000b","status":"down"}]}

Additional notes

Statuses are checked every 10 seconds, so it may happen that notification is generated after "DropoutNotificationTimeout" + 10 seconds.

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