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When using the phonebook lookup feature, by default with every incoming call the device will do a phonebook lookup to match the incoming number with a name.

This can cause load on the server hosting the phonebooks. The N870 has from software 2.17.2 a new feature.



For value x see: FAQ Nx70 - Directories number list

Example for LDAP (x=0):

<param name="Netdir.0.CachingType" value="1"/>

0Buffer entries (For cache size see below)
1ask every lookup (Default)
2refresh after 15 minutes
3refresh after 1 hour
4refresh after 6 hour
5refresh after 12 hour
6refresh after 18 hour
7refresh after 1 day
8refresh after 2 days
9refresh after 3 days
10refresh after 5 days
11refresh after 1 week

The Cache Size is default 100 entries.


Example for LDAP (x=0):

<param name="DmGlobal.0.LookupCacheSize" value="100"/>

0Minimum Value
100Maximum Value

These settings can only be changed via auto-provisioning.

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