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Release Date:

03. February 2017

Version: RELEASE


What is new?


  • Provisioning Timer setup for nightly provisioning (Automatic provisioning between 1 and 4 am (randomly))

  • [PhoneUI] displaying of SIP messages on Maxwell 3
  • [PhoneUI] displaying of SIP messages on Maxwell Basic
  • Distinctive ring improvement to support more platforms
  • [Door Call] No automatic disconnect after Door Opener
  • Possibility to "Transfer" via Softkey during Ringing State

Broadsoft related Improvements


  • Event "Registration successful" does not work - resolved
  • Ringtone stops playing after a while - resolved
  • Sometimes there is no possibility to access WebUI after FW update - resolved
  • Maxwell freezes on connecting corded headset (Headset Hardware related) - resolved
  • Kwebbl - SRTP after 200 OK - resolved
  • [Provider 3CX] Call Transfer buggy - resolved
  • IP Connection - SRV+A buggy usage - resolved
  • [Call Divert] There is no possibility to enter phone number while activating Call Divert first time - resolved
  • Codec negotiation fails - resolved

  • Polish character not displayed properly - resolved

Known Issues

  • BT headset using USB plug not supported


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