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Release Date:

09. June 2017

Version: RELEASE


What is new?


  • Device name in network is not queried

  • Update and remove entries for local phonebook import
  • Timing of boot-up confirmation tone
  • [3CX] Maxwell doesn't change update server when NOTIFY was sent without SUBSCRIBE
  • TIAS should be removed from SDP


  • No registration after provisioning - resolved
  • DTMF sending SIP Info does not work - resolved
  • BLF, DND and FAC not working with # and * - resolved
  • Maxwell 3 / EHS Plantronics via headset option does not work - resolved
  • LDAP search not receiving any results in multilevel ldap structures - resolved
  • [NL - TS - BusinessCom] After SIP registration fails, no more tries - resolved
  • Failed subscription retry timer doesn't work after changing phone system - resolved
  • [Vodafone] Wrong phonebook name - resolved
  • [Vodafone] MWI doesn't react to unsubscribed NOTIFY - resolved

  • DTMF numbers are not sent in consultation call - resolved
  • [3CX] Call is still displayed when User B ends call after transfer - resolved
  • Changing ringer volume in Idle does not work - resolved
  • [3CX] If DND is set as FAC it sends wrong data - resolved
  • [SIPS] Maxwell uses UDP after turning SIPS off even though TCP is set as transport protocol - resolved
  • Max basic on wrong time, 1 hour difference with real time - resolved
  • [3CX] HTTPS provisioning not possible - resolved
  • Function key info wiped out - resolved
  • [Netnordic, Helocloud] Maxwell 3B TCP transport disables after reboot - resolved
  • [Broadsoft] Maxwell sends wrong credentials to server to download configuration file

Known Issues

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