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Release Date:

14. July 2017

Version: RELEASE


What is new?


  • [Maxwell 3] Function Keys settings on Web-UI improved

  • "No version available" pop-up for automatic firmware update
  • Network settings not stored in "AllSettings.cfg"
  • Auto provisioning via Redirect server accept XML version 1.0 and 1.1 (Direct link to XML file)


  • Red stripe is visible on "Account not registered" screen 
  • Export empty local phonebook gives Internal server error 
  • [Broadsoft] Maxwell sends wrong credentials to server to download configuration file 
  • Factory reset Menu not shown correctly in Danish 
  • Peoplefone IOT- test case Attended Transfer After Answer 200 OK not acknowledged 
  • Door-intercom not working 
  • [LDAP] Select Line state is not reached after Off Hook
  • [Voice Mail] Icon and counter is not shown in Idle 
  • Backlight is not turning off when screensaver is on 

  • Wrong time format on screensaver 
  • Hard keys (Handsfree and Handset) rejected incoming call 
  • Maxwell basic: SIP message on screen - the first letter in the line is cut 
  • Pressing RSK 'Info' during active call freezes Maxwell 
  • [3 SIP Channels][Hybird] Putting down receiver on "Call ended" screen doesn't end a call 
  • [ACC] Action URL doesn't work for programmable keys 
  • [Call Transfer]CTBA - Non-functional key 
  • Ringing melody is played constantly
  • When provisioning DND active the DND light does not turn on 
  • [Web-UI] Error after Restore device settings from PC
  • No speechpath when iLBC codec with 30 ms packet time for RTP is selected
  • [XML phone-book] Three "Net Directories" if save empty directory name
  • Red stripe is visible after screensaver activation
  • [DHCP] Options 3,6 and 15 are requested twice by Maxwell in DHCP Request after boot up
  • Door Intercom not working
  • Date and Time is different on WebUI and PhoneUI in particular case
  • Wrong time server
  • The voicemail notification appears after a few second
  • [LDAP] Numbers are wrong displayed on Select Number screen
  • [LDAP] Can not call from Select Number screen
  • Maxwell was added to T640 / T440 black list during dummy account registration
  • No space character in display name on PhoneUI
  • Wrong icon behind "view" in the call list (redial)
  • [XML phone-book] Incorrect GET request in case of searching city
  • Voice mail counter is not shown in Messages Center
  • Function Key "Line" is not working like expected
  • [Audio Codecs] Respect codec priority set by the user
  • [LDAP] Cannot dial using additional attribute
  • Problem with speech path after switching between EHS headset and hands-free mode
  • [EHS] PTT button doesn't end a call
  • Name replacement doesn't work after call transfer
  • Ringtones "off" setting is reverted after reboot of device

Known Issues

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