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Release Date:

21. August 2017

Version: RELEASE


What is new?


  • Call Volume settings added to PhoneUI menu (Menu/Settings/Audio Settings)

  • Faster return to Idle Screen after "Terminated Call"
  • Settings for"Default Ringtone" added to Menu
  • Display correct PHY settings on Web-UI
  • Apply provisioning parameters via SIP Notify
  • Provisioning after reboot starts seconds after show IDLE display instead of 2 minutes.
  • Contact number counter for directories
  • "Uptime" counter on Status page in Web-UI
  • [Door App] Sending DTMF tones via keypad


  • Quick dial: new call is not initialized after pressing the FK when 'Call ended' screen is still visible on the device - resolved
  • [PhoneUI] Record icon is truncate - resolved
  • [WebUi] No possibility to login to Maxwell WebUI after reboot - resolved
  • Access to empty LDAP directory - resolved
  • Entries in missed calls list starting wit 00 are changed to + - resolved
  • Expansion Module: Long names via provisioning were not set - resolved
  • XML phone-book shows "," in front of searched entries - resolved
  • Audio volume is not set immediately - resolved
  • Problem by displaying two parallel incoming calls - resolved
  • Plantronics Callisto - Bugfixes - resolved
  • Possible to save only CNIP to directory - resolved
  • Incorrect data in screensaver settings - resolved
  • Cutting first second of audio with early media scenario resolved
  • Strange message and incorrect name and number on the screen after blind transfer - resolved
  • SIP via TLS - Registration lost after update and after a while - resolved
  • After attended call transfer Maxwell does not send info "Busy here" - resolved

Known Issues

  • Failover between SIP accounts not working. Will be fixed in 2.17


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