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  • 3CX - Maxwell 2/3/B Installation and autoprovisioning
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Download provisioning template


The Gigaset Maxwell 2/3/B is not official released by 3CX, but this guide describes the first configuration of Gigaset Maxwell 2/3/B for operation with 3CX software IP PBX.

This guide, as well as performed interoperability tests are based on following software versions:

  • 3CX version 15 (Onsite / SBC / STUN)

This guide assumes that 3CX software is properly installed and running.

Auto provisioning

Gigaset and 3CX worked together on creating a first provisioning template that is tested with the different 3CX systems (Onsite / SBC / STUN)

3CX settings

Please download the provisioning template here:

New provisioning template dd: 6 November, where we added: -

  • Maxwell 2
  • Expansion module
  • Many new provisioning options
  • Improved provisioning

21/02/2018 : New provisioning template, added :

  • FK sets as Line key is working
  • FK sets as BLF Key is working
  • FK sets as Speed Dial is working
  • FK sets as Custom SpeedDial is working
  • FK has now default color sets as "Standard"

26/02/2018 : New provisioning template, added :

  • Visual call notification (LED) :  Voicemail messages, can be disabled
  • Visual call notification (LED) :  Missed calls, can be disabled

01/06/2018 : New provisioning template added :

  • LLDP option (only available from firmware 2.24.x)
  • 3CX Logo sets as default screensaver

10/09/2018 : New provisioning template for the software 2.25:

  • 3CX Phonebook will be loaded into Maxwell

08/10/2018 : New provisioning template for the software 2.25:

  • Removed the XML phonebooks as Local phonebook is used.
  • After provisioning, please restart Maxwell so that the phonebook is downloaded from the 3CX platform. After this, every night the phonebook is downloaded. Local phonebook has 100 entries.
  • Fine tuning of the Ringtone naming.
  • Removed a not needed provisioning parameter.
  • 3CX web-client is switched to uaCSTA that Maxwell does not support. uaCSTA will be available in 2019.

13/12/2018 : New Provisioning Template for software from 2.25

  • Distinctive ringtones (External & Queue)
  • Custom Logo
  • Maxwell Devices are now in "Legacy devices" instead of "End of Life devices"
  • Compliant with 3CX Alpha 16

On the 3CX server put the xml file in the directory: /ProgramData/3CX/Instance1/Data/Http/Templates/Phones
On a Debian 3CX server, put the XML file in the directory: /var/lib/3cxpbx/Instance1/Data/Http/Templates/phones

Open the web-interface of the 3CX PBX and go to: Dashboard - Services and click on "3CX Event Notification Manager"

With the 3CX version 15.5 you need to restart the service: Dashboard - Services and click on 3CX PhoneSystem 01 Configuration Server

Restart the Service to activate the template.

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