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Release Date:

12. October 2017

Version: RELEASE


What is new?


  • Optimization of Info Screen

  • [XML Phonebook] Possibility to enable/disable auto-lookup
  • Maxwell 3 Request for additional parameters in the 'INFO' menu
  • MWI with and without counter support
  • Direct access via HTTP URL protected with password

Broadsoft specific implementation


  • [Phonebook] Maxwell does not react on PTT button - resolved
  • Second consultation call is not working as expected - resolved
  • Wrong translation on Softkeys in Idle - resolved
  • Maxwell does not obtain IP address - resolved
  • Incorrect name on the calling screen - resolved
  • [Name replacement] Long names are shown incorrect – ‘…’ at the beginning - resolved
  • [LDAP][Display format] Non-configured parameters are replaced by 'givenName' - resolved
  • In a redundant environment BLF doesn't work once is connected to the backup SIP Server - resolved
  • [WebUI] Missing popup "Entry is required" in Quick Dial Keys - resolved
  • No in-band tone for blind transfer - resolved
  • [MWI] Visual Call Notification (LED) - Voicemail - resolved
  • [Doorcall] Problems with doorcall - resolved
  • [EHS] After call there is no audio on Maxwell 3 - resolved
  • FK "Line" when Call waiting is off does not work properly - resolved
  • [PIN] Freezing WebUI after entering Phone PIN - resolved
  • [Conference] [G729] Very low sound quality during conference - resolved
  • [USB] USB headset does not return to idle state after call is terminated - resolved

Known Issues

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