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Release Date:

22. November 2017

Version: RELEASE


What is new?



  • Subscription to Broadsoft BLF need to be reorganize
  • Synchronize BLF with Expansion module connect status
  • FK "Line" when Call waiting is off does not work properly
  • [WebUI][IE] Certificate details are not displayed
  • Maxwell 3/B with provider Siptize- outgoing calls are not possible because the destination port is not correct
  • Have to press the PTT button twice to take a call
  • Maxwell does not upload configuration to server
  • Missing pop up: File is not supported
  • Impossible ringing from Phone-book
  • [Maxwell 3] French translation issue
  • [WebUI] User password accepts invalid characters
  • [Broadsoft][BLF] SIP Subscribe is sent also for non-default account
  • Phone PIN on WebUI is not working as expected
  • SIP application crash when send BLF SUBSCRIBE in fail-over / fall-back scenario
  • [XSI phone-book] Maxwell doesn't request for a next part of data while scrolling using long press
  • [WebUI][Broadsoft] Missing 'Entry too long' label while enter too long name
  • [LDAP] Additional attribute is not visible if set as callable
  • "Call Completed Elsewhere" no longer working
  • [LDAP] Maxwell does not go to Select Number screen
  • XML directories - missing popup
  • Failed Registration Retry Timer is not used
  • SIP crashes on outgoing calls - resolved
  • [LDAP] Call History request for name lookup when LDAP directory is disabled
  • Maxwell doesn't change + to 000, when use contact from redial list
  • [Broadsoft] No space character between CNIP and CLIP during consultation.
  • [LDAP] Select Line state is not reached after Off Hook

Known Issues

  • Provisioning via Gigaset Redirect Server and HTTP Digest used at platform provisioning server will fail. Maxwell will send empty HTTP digest username.
    - Will be solved in 2.21
    - Workaround is to enter server URL manually in device via web-interface or use DHCP option 114 or 66


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