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In this article I will explain how to use IPUI provisioning for N870 behind Broadsoft.

Challenge: Broadsoft has no IPUI field.

Broadsoft Line/Port number

Suggestion is to use the Broadsoft Line/Port field. This can be found at every user under Addresses.

In the above example, you can see that this user is using position 1 of the 250 in the N870 and is using the handset with IPUI number "029e74a599"

The second user is using position 2 and the handset with IPUI number "02b6ec8aa5"

Broadsoft placeholder

The Broadsoft placeholder for the Line/Port field is:


Template example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="e2">


<!-- Handset 1 -->

<oper value="%BWLINEPORT-1%" name="add_hs">

<param name="hs.RegStatus" value="ToReg"/>


<param name="SipAccount.%BWLINEPORT-1%.AuthName" value="%BWAUTHUSER-1%" />
<param name="SipAccount.%BWLINEPORT-1%.AuthPassword" value="%BWAUTHPASSWORD-1%" />
<param name="SipAccount.%BWLINEPORT-1%.UserName" value="%BWLINEPORT-1%"" />
<param name="SipAccount.%BWLINEPORT-1%.DisplayName" value="%BWNAME-1%" />
<param name="SipAccount.%BWLINEPORT-1%.ProviderId" value="0" />
<param name="hs.%BWLINEPORT-1%.DirectAccessDir" value="0" />

<!-- Handset 2 -->

<oper value="%BWLINEPORT-2%" name="add_hs">

<param name="hs.RegStatus" value="ToReg"/>


<param name="SipAccount.%BWLINEPORT-2%.AuthName" value="%BWAUTHUSER-2%" />
<param name="SipAccount.%BWLINEPORT-2%.AuthPassword" value="%BWAUTHPASSWORD-2%" />
<param name="SipAccount.%BWLINEPORT-2%.UserName" value="%BWLINEPORT-2%"" />
<param name="SipAccount.%BWLINEPORT-2%.DisplayName" value="%BWNAME-2%" />
<param name="SipAccount.%BWLINEPORT-2%.ProviderId" value="0" />
<param name="hs.%BWLINEPORT-2%.DirectAccessDir" value="0" />

<!-- VoIP Provider 1 settings -->
<param name="SipProvider.0.Name" value="Broadsoft"/>

<!-- General data of your service provider -->
<param name="SipProvider.0.Domain" value="%BWHOST-1%"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.ProxyServerAddress" value=""/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.ProxyServerPort" value="5060"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.RegServerAddress" value="%BWHOST-1%"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.RegServerPort" value="5060"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.RegServerRefreshTimer" value="180"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.TransportProtocol" value="1"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.UseSIPS" value="0"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.SRTP_Enabled" value="0"/>
<param name="SipProvider.0.AcceptNonSRTPCalls" value="0"/>




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