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  • Maxwell 3 / 2 / Basic PRO - Release 2.20.6
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Release Date:

21. December 2017

Version: RELEASE


What is new?

  • Usage of DHCP Option 12


  • IVR in pre-connection mode: device has not yet received the 200OK/SDP (no charge) during the greeting message and must send DTMF

  • Maxwell 3/2/b WebGui - Target number field does accept all characters

  • [Broadsoft] Directories - Switch to enable/disable auto-lookup

  • [Broadsoft] Flexible seating functionality

  • [Broadsoft] Remote Office
  • Possibility to disable the PC Port

  • Same VLAN ID cannot be set for "NET" and "PC" port

  • Incoming call during active Call (Call waiting) shows the "via (Line)" information
  • Possibility to search the Local Phone-book
  • [Maxwell 3 - Function Keys] Target number field accepts special characters
  • Basic support for speaker Jabra 510
  • Accepting SRTP calls with RTP/AVP and crypto
  • Setting same VLAN ID to LAN and PC port prohibited


  • [XML directory] Http digest authentication doesn't work
  • Cannot make a consultation/call transfer from CallList
  • Search for "Name" in the 'advanced search' doesn't work
  • [XML Directories] Maxwell does not return to proper entry
  • [Broadsoft] BLF's disappear after entering Select Services via PhoneUI
  • Problems with searching in XML directories
  • Two accounts with the same number are not distinguished
  • [Galilei][Call list] No automatic refresh of the Call List on Maxwell after deleting entries on Server
  • [LDAP] Incorrect speechpath mode while outgoing call from 'Select number'
  • [Broadsoft] BLF's disappear after entering Select Services via PhoneUI
  • [XML Directory] Incorrect name on calling screen
  • [XSI] Group and Enterprise Directory - randomly empty
  • When on call via receiver the Function key dialing is done via handsfree
  • REFER with triple Supported: eventlist
  • Transfer to contact from Call history impossible
  • [SIP] Subscribe timers don't work immediately after change
  • [SIP] BLF subscription isn't changed immediately
  • No IP address after boot

Known Issues

  • Provisioning via Gigaset Redirect Server and HTTP Digest used at platform provisioning server will fail. Maxwell will send empty HTTP digest username.
    - Will be solved in 2.21
    - Workaround is to enter server URL manually in device via web-interface or use DHCP option 114 or 66


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