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About Broadsoft

As the leading global provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) services to operators worldwide, BroadSoft helps deliver applications Enterprise customers demand.


BroadSoft simplifies the way organizations communicate and collaborate. Our unique and flexible UC-One app is a complete solution that delivers all the Unified Communication and Collaboration features companies want to boost satisfaction and worker productivity, and reduce costs.


BroadSoft brings constant innovation to the communications marketplace through our products, solutions and strategic initiatives like Broadsoft Labs, BroadSoft Marketplace and Xtended Developers Program.


BroadSoft accelerates the success of Service Providers Unified Communications and Collaboration offers providing comprehensive go-to-market and sales tools, proven marketing campaigns and best practices for customer fulfillment.

 All Gigaset phones are Broadsoft certified, as Broadcloud is based on the Broadsoft platform all Gigaset devices can be connected. For more information about Broadsoft can be found here: Broadsoft step by step


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