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Release Date:

27. August 2018

Version: RELEASE


What is new?

  • LLDP-MED support
  • Client certificate support step1 (fixed version)


  • MP3 format for ringtones (new and old formats are supported for provisioning, see here)

  • XML central phonebook via file, add possibility to add a URL and sync-time to WebGui
  • Web-interface is updated after successful provisioning
  • Name information field in local directory view entry is too big

  • Park and Retrieve improvement

  • SIP Options improvement for keep-alive messages
  • Wait for SIPfrag message parameter (for MetaSwitch platform)


  • [WebUI] SSE doesn't work under IE11
  • [WebUI] automatic logout locks the WebUI
  • [WebUI] Maxwell allows to load faulty phonebook
  • [WebUI] Call History isn't synchronized with PhoneUI's Call List
  • [WebUI] Problem with displaying Audio codecs on WebUI 
  • DNS SRV fallback for Outbound Proxy is not respecting DNS TTL 
  • [Call list] [Broadsoft] Only 30 entries in call list
  • [Call list] Entries are shown in wrong call list 

  • Account is deregistered after failed update

  • No provisioning after reboot when Web-Server uses HTTPS
  • Melody setting is not saved in PhoneUI
  • Double dial tone when calling
  • Ringtone is distorted when it starts/ends
  • SIP TLS encryption starts now with TLS1.2 instead of TLS1.0, fallback to TLS1.0 is also supported.
  • [Broadsoft] BLF keys empty after pressing it 2-times
  • Open RTP stream after terminating transferred call 
  • SIP via TLS: When DNS+A is set, the phone does not register 

Known Issues

  • Some issues with DTMF transmission, Key configuration and call transfer behind Bintec-Elmeg Hybird/be-IP PBX systems → will be solved in upcoming 2.25.x version


Standard version

Russian version

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