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On this page we would like to explain you what you can do in case you find issues within your Gigaset N870 multicell solution.

Our experience is that most issues are related to the Installation of the system, therefore the list below first focus on the installation part and then how to collect the information.


Make sure that your N870 multicell system has the last actual software. On this page you can find an overview about the released software versions.


All N870 multicell devices should be on the same software version.


Check if the Base Stations are mounted correct, like not installed direct against metal walls.


DECT synchronisation: The DECT measurement is done using the Gigaset Site Planning Kit. Please check if the customer situation has not been changed and these changes have influence on the DECT coverage.

With the visualisation tool, you can get an indication of the DECT synchronisation chains and the connection quality. (Red lines are not allowed)

5LAN synchronisation:
6Check the Base station events, download the information and store it on your laptop.
7Check the Incidents page, download the information and store it on your laptop.
8Do the handsets have the latest firmware, connect them to a PC and update them with quicksync.
9Can you reproduce the error? -> Reproducibility ratio “Always” (9/10,10/10) “Often” (>2/10 <9/10) “Sometimes” (1/10,2/10)
10If there error is related to the network / VoIP protocol, wireshark traces are needed.
12Collect syslog output.
13Read on the handset the code for the last 4 reboots in case there is an reboot issue.
14Save configuration
15Collect all the info about the problem, and if possible how to reproduce it.

Contact the Gigaset Support team and provide all the above information.

  • Software version of the system.
  • Pictures of Base stations how they are mounted.
  • DECT Measurement report.
  • Picture of the visualisation tool.
  • Export of Base stations events.
  • Incidents download.
  • Handsets used and software version.
  • Wireshark traces if required.
  • Syslog output if required.
  • Handset reboot codes if required.
  • Saved configuration
  • Detailed problem description.

Please add the above information to the Ticket. The more information we have, the quicker we can help you.

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