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Release Date:

March 2019

Version: RELEASE


What is new?

  • Universal audio device detection for USB-port
    • Attention: Due to changed USB handling, not all features as pickup/hangup directly on the headset or sync of mute-button may work.
  • Improved platform support: Centile, Vodia and Teles
  • Local phonebook size increased to 500


  • Microphone sensitivity increased

  • Volume settings for Receiver, Handsfree and Headset adjusted
  • Added CA-certificate
  • Web-interface Client certificates improvements
  • Reversed lookup XSI phonebooks
  • [Security] PHP library updated

  • XML directory improvements
  • Improved handling of import for local phonebook
  • Improved handling of call transfer
  • Improved handling of anonymous call info
  • Changes by provisioning are directly shown in WebUI
  • LDAPS support improved


  • Maxwell should not response with loopback address for media in SDP.
  • BLF Subscribes being sent to wrong IP after call & at random times, causing yellow/fail BLF states
  • [Broadsoft] Issue with audio transmission during consultation call solved
  • [Broadsoft] Name replacement fixed
  • [Broadsoft] Handling of call divert for non-default accounts fixed
  • [Broadsoft] Online phonebook fixed
  • HTTPS provisioning fixed
  • Handling of call forward and speechpaths in combination with LDAP fixed

Known Issues

  • .Default ringtones and screensaver are used in the 3.12.10 when previously individual files were uploaded and configured
    • Previous individual uploaded screensaver-pictures are not accessible, nor can be uploaded. After update to the next 3.13.x release, the previous pictures are usable again.
    • Previous individual uploaded ringtones are not accessible, nor can be uploaded. After update to the next 3.13.x release the ringtone needs to be uploaded again
  • Sometimes distorted doorstation calls on Maxwell 2

Standard Variant

Russian Variant

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