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Release Date:

May 2019



What is new?

  • LDAPs
  • Provider profiles CENTILE and VODIA
  • Increased number of local phonebook entries to 500
  • Client certificate generation (automatic)
  • ...


  • Local phonebook imported after reboot
  • [Broadsoft] Call transfer improvements
  • [Broadsoft] Call divert improvements
  • [Broadsoft] Flex Seating improvements
  • New CA certificate
  • Display brightness settings improved
  • DHCP options can be deactivated via Expert menu
  • lookup cache validation time
  • ...


  • HTTPS provisioning fixed
  • [Netia] Online phonebook fixed
  • Access from other networks fixed
  • Device freeze when using BLF key in an active call fixed
  • [Broadsoft] CLIR fixed
  • Remote ringtone behaviour fixed
  • Redial behaviour with area codes fixed
  • [Vodia] BLF subscription fixed
  • [Broadsoft] Flexible Seating fixed
  • [Teles] LED behaviour after blind transfer fixed
  • DNS SRV behind Draytek routers fixed

Known Issues

  • ...


Standard version

Russian version

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