Release Date:

  • December 2019

Distinctive ring

When you upgrade your system to this software, the new feature distinctive ring will be enabled. Your existing DECT handsets will have the old menu structure where only Internal and external ringtones can be selected. To get the new DECT handset menu structure you need Re-Register the DECT handsets, there is no need to DE-register the handset first. How this must be done you can read on the distinctive ring page.

Or you can disable the distinctive ring functionality.

What is new?

  • Supported Languages: German / English / Spanish / French / Italian / Russian / Turkish / Netherlands / Portuguese

  • Save of Central phone-book is now possible

  • Distinctive ringing for internal, external, door station, group, emergency or user defined call types
  • Add capacity information to http (GET) user-agent header
  • Large and XXL systems are now released
  • N870 in Integrator mode only:
    • Up to 4 DECT Managers (With license)
    • Up to 800 DECT handsets
  • N870 Virtual Integrator is released
    • Up to 100 DECT Managers (With license)
    • Up to 20000 DECT handsets
  • DECT GAP handsets protection can be disabled
  • Improved DECT handset registration, up to 10 registrations in parallel can be done.


  • CSTA
    • CSTA session already active
    • CSTA transport protocol can be changed via the web-interface
    • SnapshotDeviceResponse answer is wrong
    • Switch the transport protocol without an reboot
    • Device reboots when using uaCSTA and receiving 2e incoming call
  • CNIP not updated on Transferee after transfer
  • Central phone-book
    • Can be downloaded via the web-interface
    • INT key can be assigned to Central phone-book
    • After provisioning phone-book is automatically downloaded
  • Web-interface:
    • Show Licensing page when used as Integrator only
    • Configure SIP registration behavior if mobile device is not connected/reachable
  • Caller-Id not updated after call transfer at OpenScape Business
  • Fix for CNIP with Cyrillic characters not displayed on DECT phone
  • HTTPS for Rap - fixes for nested absolute links
  • Get handset information via HTTP(s) get
  • Fail-over to secondary SBC (sip proxy)
  • Register request with Authorization Digest: QOP = "auth-int" or "auth-init"
  • Display handset during call transfer is very slow 
  • xHTML:
    • Incoming invite with auto-answer is not possible
    • Service doesn't work when credentials are empty
    • "&" Sign gives error message
  • Syslog
    • Add information if setting is changed
    • Add LDAP information
  • No CLIP update
  • LDAP detail view doesn't work on some entries
  • Auto-provisioning
    • Parameter "" should work without restart
    • Default ringtone can be changed via provisioning
    • Provisioning started via web-interface showed failed message but worked fine
  • Maximum length of REFER-TO header increased
  • Access code From incoming calls and from network together with Area code is not working
  • DTMF: No CRLF after the "Duration" line

Known Issues

  • Adding area code for network directories dialed numbers is not working. A patch N870-V2.26.1 is available.

For testing upgrade, a fake software image can be downloaded here.

N870/N670 software (V2.26.0 build fafc63f)

Firmware update fails

If the firmware update fails, it can be caused by that you are using a very old firmware. Just start the firmware update a second time.

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