From software 2.33 it is possible to upgrade an N670 Single cell to an N670 multi cell.

For this you need to add a license. In the N670 web-interface go to: System - Licensing

  1. Download the “License Request File” from the N670 License page
  2. Order the “N670 upgrade to multi cell license (S30852-H2714-X1)” and add the “License Request File” to the order
  3. Gigaset will activate the license and delivers a “License Activation File
  4. Upload the “License Activation File
  5. The N670 will reboot and after reboot the device can be used as:
    1. Integrator + DECT Manager + DECT Base
    2. Integrator + DECT Manager
    3. DECT Manager + DECT Base

Role / device

Before the license upgrade

After the license upgrade
N670 All in one11

Extra N870 DECT bases09
N670 Integrator + DMN.A.1

Extra N870 DECT bases060
N670 Integrator onlyN.S.N.S.
N670 DECT base onlyN.S.N.S.

An N670 can not be used as DECT base only. If you want to create an multi cell system, you need to add N870 DECT bases.

In case you need to remove this license you have to do it via the cli interface with "sudo reset2factory hard".

When connecting an N670 behind an Virtual Integrator or N870 in the role Integrator only then.

SystemN870 in Integrator role onlyVirtual Integrator
N870 / N670 multi cell (with license)Up to 4Up to 100
N670 Single cell (No license)Up to 20Up to 300
Maximum 24 ( 4+ 20)400 (100 + 300)