Release Date:

  • Beta Release

What is new?


  • PJSIP stops sending REGISTER by TCP after reboot of PBX
  • Update PJSIP library to version 2.10
  • [TS - NL - BusinessCom] N870: sip-control terminated.
  • CLI-config: system applications / services should consume DHCP options only if requested
  • XML number filter visible in web-interface by default
  • N670 3CX SBC switch from UDP to TCP and back then no SIP registration anymore
  • uaCSTA normalClearing not send when other side disconnects call
  • Enable hiding passwords for SIP all Accounts
  • Feature key synchronization can also be used by non Broadsoft platforms
  • No name displayed when number is anonymous
  • Turn LED signalling on/off via the web-interface
  • Add popup to reboot system after importing hs
  • Make syslog easily configurable
  • Recall after unattended transfer

Known Issues

  • ..

For testing upgrade, a fake software image can be downloaded here.