From software 2.36 we offer the possibility to see detailed information (over time) about the LAN synchronisation.

These statistics are offered by the DECT base-station.

LAN synchronisation must be enabled for this base to see the correct information.

In the N870 web-interface go to: SETTINGS - Base stations - Synchronisation and click on the Base station name

It will open the base station web-interface, login using

  • Username: Admin
  • Password: N870 admin password

You will see the following information.

  • DECT LAN Sync (DLS) long term statistics
  • DECT LAN Sync (DLS) statistics overview table
  • DECT LAN Sync (DLS) log
  • Additional system info's
    • IfLoad-Statistics
    • If stats
    • Top (Processor load)
    • Top (Memory)
    • Open files
    • Disk info