Release Date:

  • Sept 2021 

What is new?

  • Alarming, messaging and location 
  • SIP messaging
  • Messaging and location license
  • NAT refresh timer
  • TLS 1.3 first implementation for provisioning / LDAPS / MQTT
  • Central phonebook search anywhere in name via provisioning  "CentralBook.0.SearchAnywhereInName"


  • Russian/Dutch translations
  • Provide feedback when DM statistics are not available
  • DST Root CA X3 certificate expires in less than 180 days (2021-09-30)
  • Improve syslog to show why license was rejected


  • Re-invite is not answered with all codecs in SDP
  • Statistics not retrieved - Operation Failed and other WEB UI pages not shown
  • Provisioning using "@" sign blocks adding DECT base "System limit has been exceeded."
  • Splash ring: wrong soft keys are shown after answer the call
  • Web-interface, system is shown as "small" instead of "medium"
  • Incorrect display in the statistics"Operation failed”
  • Statistics Reset all doesn't include LAN counters
  • After update with expansion to 20 providers, 1 missing 19 shown.
  • System reboots when trying to access LDAP contacts
  • Crash after incoming calls from certain mobile phone provider
  • Dropped calls giga-ip-bs terminated
  • Base Restarts when wants to hear VoiceMail
  • Performance problem with BS synchronisation page
  • DECT not responsive after Network voice mail pressed simultaneously from 2 DECT devices

Known Issues

  • ...

For testing upgrade, a fake software image can be downloaded here.

Download zip file

Download ova file

Download update