The Effective radiated power from an Gigaset N870E with the Gigaset delivered Antennas (3dB) is compliant with the German / European regulations for the DECT radiated power. Check your own country regulations.

When using an external antenna, the formula Antenna gain - cable loss <= 3dB is still valid.

We need to reduce the power with 5dB to match the European regulations. 

Cable dB gain loss

The cable loss depends on:

  • Cable type
  • Cable Length
  • Cable diameter


RG2235.4 mm Loss/100m: 60 dB
RG174/U 2.8 mmLoss/100m: 142dB
Aircell 55 mmLoss/100m: 45 dB
Aircell 77 mmLoss/100m: 21 dB
Ecoflex 1515 mmLoss/100m: 16 dB


Using 5 meter RG223 cable = 3 dB loss

Antenna gain - cable loss <= 3dB

8 dB - 3 dB = 5 dB is still 2 dB to high.

The signal strength can be further reduced by external hardware or by the system: FAQ Nx70 - Base stations Edit