How to:

Save settings from old device

  1. DECT Manager firmware version needs to be equal or higher than 70.087.*.*.* in order to support "full save and restore"-feature
  2. "Full save and restore" is also supported when saving settings from already restored devices.
  3. Saving settings is done by WebUI “Management -> Save and restore -> Save Device Settings to PC“


Restore settings to new device

  1. Firmware version of new device has to be equal or greater than device from which settings were saved
  2. If old device used permanent patches, it is required to apply these permanent patches to new device before uploading settings from old device
  3. Be sure that the old device is no longer used before proceeding
  4. Save and upload settings by WebUI “Management -> Save and Restore -> Restore Device Settings from PC”



  1. After reset to factory all settings (including "save and restore" information) are lost
  2. All kind of patches are still supported with restored device (normal-, permanent- and wipeout).