Directory name:

Server address:


Server port:


LDAP Search Base (BaseDN):


It is possible to provide authentication for LDAP server globally for all users or individually.


Global credentials

When Mobile specific authentication is set to No global credentials are available to configure. Each user will use those credentials when it'll be accessing LDAP Directory.

Global username:

Global password:


Individual credentials (per handset)

When Mobile specific authentication is set to Yes global credentials are available to configure.

Also it is possible to choose between user-configured credentials or SIP credentials. If user choose SIP credentials LDAP Directory will use login and password of account set as outgoing for HS to authenticate.




Creating/obtaining BaseDN

BaseDN for LDAP Online directory is created from series of RDNs (Relative Distinguished Names) found by walking up the directory information tree. BaseDN is written left to right.

Example: LDAP server is set up in and it contains employees data in organizational unit of Wroclaw.Therefore we have RDNS: dc=gigaset,dc=net and ou=Wroclaw. Final form of BaseDN in this case will be: BaseDN: ou=Wroclaw,dc=gigaset,dc=net

BaseDN must be unique in directory information tree.

Special character in BaseDN

Some of the characters used in BAseDN have special meaning:

Each of this characters can be also used as attribute's value. To do it user should use on of methods described below: