Below is an example how the User-Agents are defined.

N870Gigaset N870 IP PRO/83.V2.12.0+build.e6c1b5b;7C2F80XXXXXX
N670Gigaset N670 IP PRO/83.V2.23.0+build.f68eeed;589EC600C8A9
N510N510 IP PRO/
N720Gigaset N720 DM PRO/
Maxwell BasicMaxwell Basic PRO/;7C2F80XXXXXX
Maxwell 2Maxwell 2 PRO/;7C2F80XXXXXX
Maxwell 3Maxwell 3 PRO/;7C2F80XXXXXX
Maxwell 4Maxwell 4 PRO/;7C2F80XXXXXX
Maxwell with 1 expansion moduleMaxwell 3 PRO/;7C2F80XXXXXX;EM=1 
Maxwell with 2 expansion modulesMaxwell 3 PRO/;7C2F80XXXXXX;EM=2
Maxwell with 3 expansion modulesMaxwell 3 PRO/;7C2F80XXXXXX;EM=3
Maxwell 10MAXWELL IP PRO/;7C2F808E71AA;Android/5.1.1;DVF9919/03.641a