Release Date:

March 2018


10.2.2 Revision 27

It can happen that an update to system software version 10.2.2 fails or remains incomplete because the amount of available flash memory was insufficient.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you should delete the language files using the Option Delete Software/Firmware in the menu Software and Configuration. Language files are displayed with a name of the form “text_<international language code>.ez”, e.g. ”text_ger.ez”. After an update English and German will be available again for the configuration interface.

What is new?

  • SIP – Network-side services - Call Holding, Toggle, 3-party Conferencing and Call Waiting on provider side
  • Error announcements - Information about critical errors by means of voice announcements on the phone
  • Telephony – Ring tones - Support of country-specific ringtones


  • ...


  • SIP – Incorrect message on rerouted team call
  • Telephony – Missing music on hold
  • SIP – Call aborted
  • LDAP – Phone book not available
  • SIP – Incoming call problem
  • LDAP phone book – Wrong display format
  • Telephony – Voice mail box not reachable via MSAN POTS
  • Telephony – Voice mail box announcements in poor quality
  • SIP – Registration not functioning after changing an option of a SIP account
  • SIP – Telephony via DECT not available

Known Issues

  • ...

Additional Languages