The N720 has an limited DND functionality. This feature is only visible when the settings are configured via auto provisioning.


The DND feature is based on the usage of feature codes of the platform.

The example below is behind a Yeastar PBX.

  • DND enable feature code = *74
  • DND disable feature code = *074

<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipProviders[0].NetCodeDND_OFF" class="symb_item" value='"*074"'/>
<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipProviders[0].NetCodeDND_ON" class="symb_item" value='"*74"'/>

On the handset:

  • Open menu
  • Select Services
  • New menu Do Not Disturb is visible

The system will send the DND ON/OFF feature code.

The actual DND status will not be visible on the handset !!!