This page describes how to start the DECT registration window via auto-provisioning.


update_dmProcedure updating existing Dect Manager entry. Attribute of XML Oper, value is required as a parameter of updateDectManager operation.
Where value is treated as Identifier of the Dect Manager.
RegStartRegistration start time: must be typed as UNIX timestamp.
RegDurationTime period in seconds.
DMPpasswdDECT Manager Password


Start time 31-May-2018 14:59

Duration 300 seconds.

Password DECT manager: Gigaset

<oper name="update_dm" value="local" >

<param name="RegStart" value="1527771540" />
<param name="RegDuration" value="300" />
<param name="DMPpasswd" value="Gigaset" />


If the start-time time is in the past and the end-time (Start time + Duration) is not passed then the registration window is still open.