The Gigaset N720 Multicell system is a complex system where handsets move between base stations and have to handle DECT reflections, variation in signal strengths and many other external factors that could cause instability when not handled correct. You could imagine that in these hostile environments you have to use the best handsets that are optimized for this and these handsets are the Gigaset Pro handsets.

Gigaset Pro handsets are optimized for these environments and tested in detail to be sure that seamless roaming and handover can be guaranteed.

If other handsets are used, Gigaset cannot guarantee that these will work behind our Multicell solution and therefore we cannot offer any support. In case of problems, these handsets have to be replaced by the Gigaset PRO handsets.

Below is a list with supported N720 Handsets.

FeatureGigaset PRO handsetGigaset Retail handsets (GAP+)3th Party (GAP) handsets
Incoming calls(tick)(tick)(question)
Outgoing calls(tick)(tick)(question)
Call transfer(tick)(tick)(question)
CLIP information(tick)(tick)(question)
Anonymous call(tick)(minus)(minus)
Call divert(tick)(minus)(minus)
Call waiting(tick)(minus)(minus)
Message waiting(tick)(minus)(minus)
Call lists(tick)(minus)(minus)
PBX Manager*(tick)(minus)(minus)
Central Phonebooks(tick)(minus)(minus)
Info Center(tick)(minus)(minus)
Handover(tick)Handover not guaranteedNo support
Roaming(tick)Roaming not guaranteedNo support
Gigaset SupportFull supportOnly warranty supportNo support


* PBX Manager only supported with Gigaset T300/T500