Firmware upgrade Hybird 120

You can upgrade the system with the latest Firmware update using:

  • Local File
  • HTTP Server
  • Current Software from Update Server (Online)

Local File

You can download here the latest version and upload this into your PBX.

HTTP Server

Here you enter the URL to your own HTTP server


The system will connect to the Gigaset update server to check if a new version is available, here you will always find the latest Official Released software.


Automatic Firmware upgrade Gigaset devices.

The Gigaset devices behind the Hybird 120 can be upgraded automatic by the Hybird 120, for this you need to upload the latest firmware files.

In the web-interface of the Hybird 120 go to: Maintenance - Phone Update - Firmware files

Select the special firmware file (See below)







V.9.1 Rev. 7