The following Licenses are available.

  • Integrator - DECT Manager license
  • Upgrade N670 to N870 (Planned)

The Integrator is available in 2 versions.

  1. Embedded Integrator (Up to 4 DECT Managers)
  2. Virtual Integrator (Up to 100 DECT managers)

Each integrator when installed contains one DECT manager License.

If you need to add more DECT managers then you need to add a License.

The License is based on the N870 hardware MAC address.

How to add a License.

  1. Define the Master DECT Manager
  2. Download the License file
  3. Buy a License using the license file
  4. Upload the new License

Grace period.

You can use the system without any license for 35 days, after this, the system will limit the web-interface and no handsets can be add/changed/deleted.

Only the pages that you need to fix the license will be available.

The system will stay functional.

After a factory reset, the system can be used again for 35 days without any license.


If the license is not valid anymore due to:

  • Master DECT manager is broken and is replaced, therefore the license is not valid anymore.

You will have 35 days to request a new License file, see the grace period.

Today, the license file procedure is a manual procedure. The online process is under development.

Only needed when the Virtual Integrator is used.

As the license is based on the N870 MAC address and the Virtual Integrator is not an N870 device, you need to define the Master DECT manager.

In the web-interface go to SETTINGS - DECT manager - Administration - Global settings

Select the Master DECT Manager.

The DECT managers need to be installed, connected and working as the real MAC address of this device is retrieved.