Synchronisation and the logical structuring of the base stations in clusters are prerequisites for the functioning of the multicell system, intercell handover, and (over)load balancing. Overload balancing means that a handset can roam to a free base, when current base is fully loaded and
cannot accept further handset connections.

Base stations can be synchronised "over the air", meaning that they are synchronised via DECT. If the DECT connection between specific base stations seems to be not reliable enough, synchronisation can also take place via LAN. To carry out the synchronisation you will need the plan of the clusters with the synchronisation level for each base station.

Synchronisation always refers to a cluster. In case you set up several clusters that are not synchronised with one another, there will be no possibility of a handover or (over)load balancing between them.

Synchronisation for handover between base stations in clusters managed by different DECT managers can be configured via DECT manager administration

For detailed information on DECT network planning, please refer to the "N870 IP PRO - Site Planning and Measurement Guide".

A base station shows its synchronisation status with an LED