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About BT

BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in the UK and in around 180 countries worldwide

See below for a list of supported features when using Gigaset pro IP Devices with the BT Hosted VoIP PBX service.

NOTE: Presently it is necessary to run the BT Office Communicator PC SoftPhone client application in background for Gigaset phones to operate properly.


Feature Highlights
(full details available on request)
DE310 / DE410

DE700 / DE900



Software Release02.00.0802.00.1042.19470.073
Call initiate
Call accept
Last Number Redial (LNR)
Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP)
Caller ID (outgoing)
Number withheld / Anonymous 141 prefix
Connected Outside Line Presentation (COLP)××××
Music On Hold (MOH)
Transfer - supervised
Transfer - unsupervised
3-party conference - as attendee
3-party conference - initiate×
Call list/history
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
Voice mail deposit/retrieval
Voice mail notificationBug reported
Voice mail new message counterBug reported
Call waiting
Call pick-up (directed)Untested
Call pick-up (group)Untested
Call pick-up (BLF key)Untestedn/an/a
Do Not Disturb (DND)××
Call forward unconditional (CFU)
Call forward no reply (CFNR)
Call forward busy (CFB)
DTMF signalling (RFC2833)
BLF (Busy / Idle indication)Untestedn/an/a
Call completed elsewhereUntested
Auto Provisioning

Click here for configuration parameters guide 


User Guides

Click here for our Quick Start User Guides for Gigaset phones operating with the BT PBX service.


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