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This guide will show you how to connect the bero*fix card with the LAN and WAN.

Connecting the BeroNet berofix 400/1600/6400

  1. Connect the box to the network and plug in the power supply
  2. The default IP address of the bero*fix  is (Subnet ).  If your LAN operates in the same network make sure that the IP during the configuration is free.  If this IP is taken by another host you can attach the box to your computer directly with a normal network cable.
  3. Assign your PC network card to the IP (Subnet ) or any free IP from this network segment.
  4. Open the web interface of the bero*fix by pointing a browser to The default credentials for the Beronet web interface are Username: adminPassword: admin 

  5. Go to Preferences > Network settings and change the IP Address to a free IP in your network.  In this example we will use
  6. Save the settings and reboot the Beronet. On next startup, you will be able to access the Beronet bero*fix web configuration interface by pointing a browser to this
    new IP Address –



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