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About Collab

OnePBX is a powerful Multi-tenant SIP based IP PBX solution that provides flexibility and easy browser based management of all tenants’ specific configurations.

• 100% SIP based IP-PBX Solution.

• Multi-tenant: Supports multiple clients and sites.

• Integrates fixed and mobile networks, with soft and physical phones.

• Compatible with legacy digital PBXs (through SIP trunk).

• Unified web-based interface for provisioning and reporting.

• Intelligent routing of inbound calls (hunting groups, voice mail, etc).

• Customizable dial plans for outbound calls.

• Mobile Extensions on iPhone, iPad and Android (OnePBX Mobile).

See below for a list of supported features when using Gigaset pro IP Devices with the Collab OnePBX Hosted Platform (Version


Feature HighlightsN510pro
6 Users

100 Users

Software Release42.19470.073
Call initiate
Call accept
Last Number Redial (LNR)
Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP)
Caller ID (outgoing)
Number withheld / AnonymousUntested
Connected Outside Line Presentation (COLP)××
Music On Hold (MOH)
Transfer - supervised 
Transfer - unsupervised 
3-party conference - as attendee
3-party conference - initiate×
Call list/history
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
Voice mail deposit/retrieval
Voice mail notification
Voice mail new message counter
Only first new message
is counted
Call waiting

Partial - tone heard,
able to accept new call,
but not return to first

Call pick-up (directed)  Code: *8
Call pick-up (group)  Code: * & Ext Number
Call pick-up (BLF key)n/an/a
Do Not Disturb (DND)××
Call forward unconditional (CFU)
Call forward no reply (CFNR)
Call forward busy (CFB)
DTMF signalling (RFC2833)
BLF (Busy / Idle indication)n/an/a
Call completed elsewhere
Auto Provisioning
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