Release date:

February 2015



What's new:

New since version 158:  

  • Support of Gigaset Repeater 2.0 
  • Support of the following PRO handsets: S650H PRO and SL750H PRO
  • Country specific call progress tones are supported



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  • New/changed MSN-numbers were lost after power down (appeared only in versions 172 and 160)
  • Phone calls may be initiated or accepted accidentally without user action
  • Increased battery performance for touch based handsets registered
  • Busy tone is audible on handsets when the caller terminates the call
  • Various bug fixes

Known Issues:

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Download URL:


How to update:

Via the webpage:

  1. Settings  » Management  » Firmware update
  2. Enter the URL for the new firmware in the Data server field:
  3. Click on the button: Update firmware

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