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Firmware files

In this section you can download all available firmware files for the Hybird 120 GE.

BETA releases

Here all available BETA releases can be downloaded. Use the BETA release on your own risk.


Official releases

Here all official releases firmware files can be downloaded. Please look into the release notes for information about new features, bug-fixes and known issues.

08.07.2014: Final Release in preparation!


Tools and drivers

Here you can download tools and drivers which are used in combination with the Hybird 120 GE.

Please check the release-notes before installation.

External Link: DIME Manager (Directlink to download the DIME Manager application:

External Link: Win-CAPI-Driver

External Link: LAN-TAPI-Driver (32-bit)

External Link: LAN-TAPI-Driver (64-bit)

External Link: Hybird-USB-Driver

External Link: Wireshark


Voicemail language files

The language files are automatically loaded when you install the latest release, if the files are removed then you can download them from here.

If the Voicemail files are not available in the correct language then the system will give a busy tone when the voicemail is dialed.






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