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AMS ( Alarm Messaging System ) 

The AMS system can monitor critical events through the integration with your alarm systems and in case of incidents it, in an automatic way, intercept and manage the alarms and forward/send them to all the supported communication channels, from text transmissions (ex: teams) to voice messages or phone calls

The AMS system ensures that emergency responders can take prompt action to protect people and infrastructure and minimize adverse outcomes.

Application areas:

  • Fault reports from Production
  • Technical alarms
  • Industrial controls
  • Evacuation
  • Silent Alarm
  • Personal Emergency Call
  • Unified Communications
  • IoT Monitoring & Alerting
  • Indoor & Outdoor Localization
  • Process optimization
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Physical Security Information Management

More information on:

See below for a list with supported features when using the Gigaset Nx70 together with the ATR management platform.

AML Feature                                       Supported
Send message prio 1 - 9
Title: Text
Title: Color (White / Green / Yellow / Red / Blue)-
Icons: Type, supporting the Gigaset icon range
Icons: Color (White / Green / Yellow / Red / Blue)
Ringtone: Melody prio Low / Medium / High / Silent
Ringtone: Set/overrule volume
Message paragraph 1: Text
Message paragraph 1: Color-
Message paragraph 1: Align-
Message paragraph 1: Blinking-
Message paragraph 1: Bold-
Message paragraph 1: Underline-
Message paragraph 2: Text-
Message paragraph 2: Color-
Message paragraph 2: Align-
Message paragraph 2: Blinking-
Message paragraph 2: Bold-
Message paragraph 2: Underline-
Vibration: Enable yes/no
Silencing: Overrule the user silence settings-
Delete message: Allowed yes/no-
Ignore message: Allowed yes/no-
Presentation timer: How long the message is displayed on the handset-
Time to Live: How long the message is stored on the DECT system-
Reply options: Using softkeys to reply on messages
Message user response: Server reacts on user handling/feedback
Location: Server can ask HS to send DECT signal information
Location: Server can ask HS to send BLE beacons information
Start Alarm call via key/number: Dial phone number
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